Detailed schedule

Date Time Transportation Schedule Meal
13,Apr(Sat) 15:0018:00 Check in the hotelWelcome dinner Dinner:〇
14.Apr(Sun) Join your favorite experience in OsakaFree time before or after experience Breakfast:〇Lunch:△Dinner:△
15,Apr(Mon) Join your favorite experience in KyotoFree time before or after experience Breakfast:〇Lunch:△Dinner:△
16,Apr(Tues) 8:40  Osaka
15:50 Sado
Express train, Shinkansen and ferry
Chartered bus or taxi
Move from Osaka to SadoEnjoy the cherry blossomes and walking the local area
Enjoy dinner at Japanese restaurantStay at Japanese style hotel ”Hananoki”
17,Apr(Wed) Chartered bus or taxi Strolling in local rare spotJoin the Taiko experience and Soba makingEnjoy Soba for lunchJoin the Tarai-bune fishing and have a BBQ party with the loco peopleStrolling the unknown coast and enjoy beautiful sunsetStay at Japanese style hotel ”Hananoki” Breakfast:〇Lunch:〇Dinner:〇
18,Apr(Thur) 11:50 Sado
18:39 Osaka
Chartered bus or taxiFerry, Shinkansen and Express train Onigiri making experienceFree timeBack to Osaka※if you want to get off on the way, it’s possible.Let us know in advance. Breakfast:〇Lunch:〇

Enjoy Osaka & Kyoto with your favorite experience!  

〜14th and 15th April〜

You’ll join your interested experience in Osaka and Kyoto for the first two days.

You can choose your interested experience from the lineup like below in advance and join them using seven coupons .

(Experience application is advance reservation needed. The number of coupons is different for each experience)

You can feel the breath of history and culture through various kinds of experiences as well as interacting with people living there.

Enjoy the city of Osaka and Kyoto for free time.

Feel free to contact us if you have something to know, such as sightseeing spots, gourmet and other activities.

We’ll do our best to live up to your expectations.

Optional private tours can be organized if you want.

※ We’ll prepare your staying hotel in the center of Osaka city.

Osaka and Kyoto Experience Tours

Enjoy the train riding and ferry trip!

〜16th April〜

You’ll enjoy the train riding experience from Osaka to the aimed station Joetsu myoko about for three hours and 40 minutes.

You’ll ride Thunderbird,JR Limited Express first and transit to Hokuriku Shinkansen at Kanazawa station.

Kanazawa station is very beautiful which is selected as one of “the world’s most beautiful stations” in the American travel magazine “Travel & Leisure” web version.

You can see the finest gold leaf on the pillar of the platform and the pillars decolated Kaga Yuzen and Japanese paper in the aisle.

It is the charm of Kanazawa station that you can enjoy as if you were in the Japanese traditional crafts museum because there are

many traditional crafts of Kaga Hyakumangoku such as Kutani-yaki, Wajima lacquer and Yamanaka lacquer ware everywhere in the station.

Let’s buy the lunch box “Eki ben” at Kanazawa station and enjoy it in the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Ekiben is also one of the pleasures of traveling.

By the time we finish eating Eki ben, the scenery of the Sea of ​​Japan in the spring will be appered.

Enjoy the scenery of nature with the cherry blossoms blooming on the range of mountain.

You’ll get off at Joetsu Myoko and will move to Naoetsu port terminal by taxi.

You’ll enjoy high-speed ferry trip for 1 hour and 40 minutes from Naoetsu.

We will show you about history and culture of Sado in the ferry so that you can enjoy Sado more.

Why don’t you learn one of Sado dialect and try to use it ?

Come on, you‘ll land to Little Japan, Sado!

Feel the authentic Japan in Sado island!

〜16th, 17th, 18th April〜

Sado Island

Sado is the largest island in Japan which is located in the Sea of Japan and belongs to Niigata pref.

Sado Island is known as “Little Japan” because there are all of products made in Japan.

You can experience so much such as enjoying authentic various foods made in Sado, exchanging with

the local people, exploring in the traditional small town and more.

We have more special local experiences only for this tour.

Enjoy Authentic Taste in Sado

You can enjoy most of products such as seafood, meat, vegetable and fruit made in Japan In Sado.

Especially the quality of rice is Japan’s best.

Sake, which is made of rice is definitely the highest rank too.

Please enjoy the finest and priceless seasonal dishes.

You’ll make Onigiri (Rice balls),using the finest rice made in Sado in the morning of the last day.

That will be your lunch box on the return ferry.

Let’s enjoy your Onigiri, immersing in memories you had with the local people.

Exploring the small town “Ogi” “Shukunegi

You’ll visit the most south area in Sado, where is located in Ogi Peninsula.

Let’s go to the cherry blossoms blooming park after reaching Sado

so that you can fully enjoy them in Sado as well as Osaka.

You’ll visit the small village “Shukunegi”, facing a small inlet next day.

Shukunegi developed as the shipping port  through the prosperous 17th century brought about by Sado Kinzan(Gold Mine).

There are crowded by over 100 houses built with plate walls, and it has been designated as a National Important Preservation Area for Traditional Buildings and Architecture.

Let’s meet with the loco people and enjoy the time travel.

You maybe feel as if the clock is not ticking in this village.

Strolling the spectacular coastline

The Ogi Coast which has varied coastline, formed by volcanic activity, is designated as a Japan National Monument and Scenic Site.

Especially the scenery in sunset and sunrise is incredibly beautiful.

Experience of surf‐fishing aboard Taraibune

Taraibune (washtub boat) has been an essential fishing tool for people living on the Ogi Peninsula where is rocky and complicated shore.

You actually can experience of Taraibune fishing by the cooperation of loco fishermen.

Let’s have a BBQ party as well as the local Sake drinking with the loco people after the experience of Taraibune fishing.

You maybe feel like you’ve known the loco people forever because of enjoying good foods and good sake together.

Experience of Taiko (Japanese drum) and Soba making

You’ll join both for a Taiko workshop and soba making at the main base of world famous Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble “Kodo”.

Both are exactly the Japanese experience classics.

The first dinner at “Kosugiya” in Sado

Kosugiya is a Japanese restaurant located close to Sado Kisen’s Ogi Port Ferry Terminal.

The building has white walls in harmony with black planks, which gives an elegant atmosphere.

The master chef of the second generation, who trained as a chef in Tokyo,

puts heart and soul into cooking Sado-sourced seafood and produce.

In addition to classic menu items such as sashimi and grilled fish, his own innovative cuisine is also highly praised.

The mix of Japanese and Western cooking that the young chef’s talents have produced has earned an unbeatable reputation.

Your staying Japanese-style hotel “Hananoki inn” in Sado

Hananoki Inn is housed in a 150-year old Japanese house transferred and reassembled on about 3,300㎡ of land.

Hananoki stands calmly in the borrowed scenery of mountains, where Buddha statues carved into rock, and the huge Kofuku Jizo statue act as backdrops.

Repeat customers return for the wholeheartedly prepared dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

The inn has, on the premises, a pottery factory of the inn’s master, Tosei Watanabe.

Osaka, Kyoto Experience Tours

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