Mt Fuji Climbing Tour (Summer Only)

2021 Season (New)

Unfortunately in 2020 season all Mt Fuji closed due to Covid-19.
But, in 2021 season Mt Fuji is going to open!

Climbing season: 7/1 ~ 9/10

JIN is going to handle Mt Fuji guided tour basically only for private tour.

This is new standard regulation of Mt Fuji based on Covid situation.

New Standard Regulation (Japanese Only, but pictogram available)

Mountain Hut’s preventative measures of Covid(Japanese only)
-A private disposal seat of sleeping bags
-Dividin Boards in sleeping rooms
-A new strong ventilation system

We can arrange also 2night 3days tour and pilgrim tour which climb from 1st station.
Please be free to ask us.

Virtual Mt Fuji Climbing Tour is also available.
This probably one of the perfect way to prepare Mt Fuji climbing.


Main guide Kenji is a professional Mt Fuji guide since 2004. He devoted himself 7 seasons so far and climbed Fuji more than 100 times.

Fuji is a special mountain. Not only the highest in Japan.
It is a noble peak, loved by many people for its beauty, and Fuji is a symbolic mountain and a home to the Japanese heart.

Fuji also has been a religious mountain for a long time. It climbed by many pilgrims from all over Japan. Even today, many Japanese have a desire to climb Mt. Fuji once in a lifetime. That is why it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013.

We’ll take risk management, pace control, climate judgment and advice for acclimatization and explain natural features and cultural background. Then, trust me, your summiting probability is overwhelmingly increased and your climbing gets ​totally different from the ​climb​ing alone.

We are happy to support your climbing and wish your success.-


1 person 90,000 JPY (90,000 JPY per a person)
2 people 100,000 JPY (50,000 JPY per a person)
3 people 102,000 JPY (34,000 JPY per a person)
4 people 128,000 JPY (32,000 JPY per a person)
5 people 150,000 JPY (30,000 JPY per a person)
6 people 150,000 JPY (25,000 JPY per a person)
7 people 161,000 JPY (23,000 JPY per a person)
8 people 184,000 JPY (23,000 JPY per a person)
9 people 189,000 JPY (21,000 JPY per a person)
10 people 210,000 JPY (21,000 JPY per a person)

(Up to 10 people)


Day 1

12:00 Meet the Guide on Mt. Fuji Yoshida route 5th Station. 
13:30 Start Climbing from 5th station.
17:30 Arrive at hut at 8th station and Dinner. 
Short sleep at the hut.
(O/N Mountain Lodge B×,L×,D(○)) 

Day 2

02:00 Departure from Lodge.
04:00 – 05:00 Arrive at Original 8th station. Rest and Breakfast. You can enjoy the sunrise if weather is clear.
7:00 – 8:00 Arrive at the Top of Mt Fuji.
08:00 Walk around the crater, if weather is fine. 
10:30 Start Decsending down.
14:30 Arrive at 5th station. This is end of the tour.

Detail of the trekking route

Start climbing by passing through the gate. Walk on flat and easygoing path in the forest. I’ll explain the wildflowers and scenery you can see. After 1 hour, we’ll reach 6th station, then you can see the summit and steep zigzag path there in good weather.

Then authentic climbing starts. Gradually trees and even grass will disappear. 1.5 hours tough zigzag upending, then reach 7th station.

7th station has 7 mountain huts. From the first hut, the rocky path will start. We’re going to climb using your hands sometimes. Usually, your breathing getting tougher, but keeping a ​slow and steady pace is really important.
After 2 hours of climbing, you’ll reach the last hut of 7th station.
Then climbing 45 min to 8th station, and your goal “Taishikan hut”. Congratulations!
This is 3,000m(≒10,000 feet), very high. In good weather, you can see the ​magical starry sky and magnificent sunrise there

【8th – Original 8th】2hours / 3,000m – 3,400m
In midnight, we start to climb with a headlamp.
The path is well organized and easy, but you’ll struggle with cold, less oxygen, and maybe sleepy.
If the weather is clear, you can enjoy starry sky and night view of Tokyo. The sky gradually becomes brighter. We take a break for sunrise in a hut at the original 8th station.

【Original 8th – Summit】2hours / 3,400m – 3,750m
The path is similar. The summit is approaching in your sight. This is the most physically and mentally tough part. The last 30 min is a rocky part, you may use hands to support.
Going through “The Torii gate” of the summit shrine, you’ll be at the summit. I’ll take you to the shrine and a hat where hot drinks and noodle are available. You can buy good luck charm only available here.

【Crater trekking】1.5hours
This is the highest trekking route in Japan, turning around the Mt.Fuji crater. Path is flat except a heart beating slope to the peak(3,776m). You can see the magnificent crater and 360-degree​ dynamic view from Mt.Fuji. This is a gift for summiter.

【Summit – 5th】4hours / 3,750m – 2,300m
All the way go down to 5th station. The path is sandy and some part is steep. you’ll see a ​sea of clouds, coastline, mountains of Hakone, Japanese alps, etc

Meeting Point

Mt. Fuji 5th Station [Yoshida route]


1 English speaking Mountain guide.
( From Day1 5th station to Day2 5th station)

Not Includes

  • 1Night Mountain hut (Mix dormitory)
  • Meal (Day1 Lunch, Dinner. Day2 Breakfast box, Lunch)
  • Any additional food and drink you order in mountain hut
  • Rental equipment fee
  • Insurance for Accident
    ※Please Join some accident insurance by yourself

Accommodation Fee

Sunday, Monday to Thursday8,500 yen per person
Friday10,000 yen per person
Saturday11,000 yen per person

This is including meal (Day1 Dinner. Day2 Breakfast box).
Please pay by cash at Lodge.
Credit cards are not available.


There is a possibility that the schedule changes or cancels or discontinues depending on weather, the crowded condition of the trail, the safety for customer. The sunrise [Gorai-ko] might not be able to be seen according to the weather.

There are few days in the season that we can not start climbing from 5th due to extreme weather like typhoon. In that case we will refund 100% of the fee including lodge fee.

General information is available on the website of the mountain hat.

Cancellation policy

2weeks – 4days prior 50%
3days – 1day prior 80%
24hr prior – Same day 100%