Kyoto Fushimi Hidden Route Hiking & Soba

Kyoto Fushimi Hidden Route Hiking & Soba



6500 Yen (60 USD) per person

4 Hours (10:00 to 14:00).


Soba or Udon noodle for Lunch

A boiled egg and Japanese tea at a mountain hut

Accompany of English speaking trekking guide

<Meeting Point>

Sankyoumeda bldg 7F, 15 Doyamacho, Kita, Osaka.


Fushimi-Shrine is Trip Adviser NO1 popular destination in Japan in these years, because of its magnificent Thousands of Red Shrine Gates. it’s very photogenic.

In this Tour, After the Thousands Red Gate, I’m taking you by hidden back  scenic route along bamboo & cedar forestto to the summit of Mt Inari.
Usually, near the big main gate and the way to the view point are full with plenty of people ( actually more than half visitors return at the view point), but on the back route, probably you will meet a few people, feeling like private forest. On the way down, you can enjoy tea break with tasty boiled egg in the mountain hat.

Mt Inari itself is holly mountain, consist of 3 peaks and many shrines. On the way you will also see plenty of holly mounds dedicated by individual follower. You can feel cultural and sacred aspect of Fushimi.

From the top, walk down through uncountable red gates with less people to the panorama Kyoto View point, then go back to the main gate. I’ll also show you special photo spots on the way.

The path is well organized.
1h30m to the top ( last 20min is climb up), 1h down.
Time differ by walking speed, but if you can walk everybody can join.

After Hiking, walk in exciting Fushimi town with many food stands, then enjoy chewing Japanese noodle Soba or Udon with tea in historic and nice restaurant.

<What is including>

Japanese Noodle SOBA : After Hiking, I will take you to traditional famouse restaurant. You can chose your favorite SOBA or UDON(hot & cold both ok)

Japanese hot tea : You can enjoy it in the scenic mountain hat at tea break.

Fresh Boiled Egg : You can eat fresh boiled egg with salt in the scenic mountain hat. It is very good for tired body with hiking.

Nice Photo Data : I will make some nice photo with single lens semi professional camera at selected photogenic sport and send data to you.

Tour is conducted in English with Local Guide.

< Story >

I am a travel freak local, living in Osaka(moved from kyoto). I used work as a porter of Mt Fushimi, who carry staffs such as Sake, small shrine gate, etc to the summit shrine with backpack carrier. My relationship with Mt Fushimi is more than 10 years and I realize rapid visitor’s increase in these 3 – 4 years.

But many people just visit main crowded area and return. This is really pity. I’ll begin with splendid entrance and main part, Thousands of Red Gates, But later show you deep aspect of sacred Mt of Fushimi by using hidden scenic back route only known by locals and cultural and sacred part of Inari mountain with many holly mounts by local followers. You can feel priavate time and deep aspect of Inari mountain.

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