Osaka maple primary review

My friends and I attended Kenji’s hike while we were on about 3-4 hours of sleep and it was a relaxing and calming as Kenji had described it. While walking through the mountain path, Kenji gave insight to the various landmarks commenting on the history and its meaning behind it. Kenji is a very energetic, kind and self motivated person, going through the hike you just naturally build the foundations of a friendship. My friends and I enjoyed his company and the banter that was shared between ourselves along with Kenji. There are points of relaxation, making the hike (regardless of how much sleep you’re on) very worth while. Even towards the end, when the hike had ended, Kenji went above and beyond to recommend us a lunch spot by taking us to a restaurant of our choosing. Overall, Kenji was a very good host to a very calm and relaxing experience.