We had a great time with Kenji and also meeting other whiskey lovers. There were four of us in our session, but I commend Kenji for adjusting his presentation and also letting us interact far more since we all had intermediate level knowledge or better for Japanese whiskey. I think what our session really turned out to be was a chance to connect with other people who had a mutual interest that has also hopefully sparked the opportunity for a future meeting in Japan post-pandemic. So, if you love whiskey and want to learn more, definitely book. If you want the opportunity to meet like-minded lovers of the brown drink, then why haven’t you already booked? My bonus tip, come with several whiskey choices. Make it an opportunity to add to your bar cart.

D. (AirBnb)



What a fantastic and beautiful experience to 'climb' the Moutain Fuji with an experienced mountaineering expert and other fun guests. The whole experience is informative and engaging. Time flew by so quickly with its energy and pace. We start by some interactive activities to understand the facts and history behind Fuji. Then we started our 'two-day' walking journey and it felt so real with its route, stops, logistics and most importantly, the stunning view we got along the way. Through explicit instructions about food/drink/stops and hiking techniques, beautiful photos taken by professional mountain guides, as well as the thoughtful process facilitated by our guide, I am ready for a real Fuji experience one day!

M. (AirBnb)



Kenji was an informative professional Japanese guide and showed us a lots of special non touristic places.
You would know about Japanese life and culture more deeply, such as religions, customs, natures, historical foods and so on.
lf l didn’t join this tour, I’m sure l couldn’t enjoy Fusimi like this and I might be tired with crowded jam and long line.
Finally, we enjoyed really tasty soba “kithune” noodles which is including tour price and a special meal in Fusimi at traditional restaurant. It was authentic and relaxing atmosphere and we enjoyed chatting after good hiking.
I highly recommend this tour!
Thank you for everything, Kenji!

S.T (Facebook page)



Kenji’s tour was a fantastic experience. Everything we ate was high quality, and a lot of it was not the typical style you might get at any restaurant.

The takoyaki was a good starter, with a little spice in the sauce. The sushi was delicious, and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere. The bar was full, so we took off our shoes and ate cross-legged in a cozy room upstairs. Our favorite place was the standing barbeque restaurant, where we tried some common cuts of meat like leg and shoulder and some less common parts like tongue and raw heart. We were feeling pretty satisfied already when we got to the ramen place. Rather than the standard pork broth, this restaurant served fish or chicken-based soups. It was excellent, with tender cuts of pork mixed in with the chewy noodles.

Kenji knew so much about the food and was great at answering all our questions. He led us through some cozy-looking back alleys packed with restaurants, and he pointed out some of his other favorites in the neighborhood in case we wanted to come back. He also was an attentive host, making sure we enjoyed our experiences, taking pictures, and being an all-around fun person to spend an evening with. I highly recommend Kenji’s food tour if you’re in Osaka.

S.F (Facebook page)


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We (two adults and 14 year-old) arrived in Kyoto at 12 and started this tour at 2. It was and excellent start to our time here. Our host was Taka and he made us feel very welcome and was flexible and knowledgeable. It felt like having a local with good knowledge show us around and take us to areas that were beautiful and serene but also quite close. We learnt about the temples and shrines and enjoyed riding the paths and were able to ask about etiquette etc. the bikes were comfortable and easy to ride. At night we were shown down a few main streets to get a sense of things but avoided the really busy places. Overall I highly recommend as an introduction to Kyoto. Thanks Taka

S - (Airbnb)



Kenji is a fantastic host and we enjoyed our tour around Kyoto with him. It was Cherry Blossom season and he took us to a great area where we got some great photos. We then toured Gion where we were lucky enough to see four Geisha. Kenji was a wealth of information and gave us a history lesson about the region which we all enjoyed. To end the night we learned about Japanese whiskey at a quaint bar. I would highly recommend this tour. You will not be disappointed.

R - (Airbnb)

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This experience was amazing. Kenji made sure we were well taken care of. The whisky knowledge was great and the place he brought us was well stocked with rare and interesting whiskey we dont normally have access to. He also was extra accommodating with our special request for a birthday celebration with this event. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to enjoy good Japanese Whisky.

C - (Airbnb)


Meeting Maiko-san was truly a unique experience. Not everyone will get the opportunity in life to meet one face to face. To find out what her life is all about in such a personal way was amazing to me. I was able to take lovely pictures which I will treasure for a very long time. If you are interested in a very exclusive, deep Japanese experience, this is the one for you! The hosts are very kind, and knowledgeable. They are able to answer any question you may have concerning Japanese culture, the region, and Maiko-san of course! As for the venue. Never have I been to such a classy place. There was quite the VIP feeling in the air. A gorgeous setting, with friendly staff in a beautiful part of the city! The drinks and snacks were delicious! Thank you hosts, for such an exceptional event!

N - (Airbnb)


My friends and I attended Kenji's hike while we were on about 3-4 hours of sleep and it was a relaxing and calming as Kenji had described it. While walking through the mountain path, Kenji gave insight to the various landmarks commenting on the history and its meaning behind it. Kenji is a very energetic, kind and self motivated person, going through the hike you just naturally build the foundations of a friendship. My friends and I enjoyed his company and the banter that was shared between ourselves along with Kenji. There are points of relaxation, making the hike (regardless of how much sleep you're on) very worth while. Even towards the end, when the hike had ended, Kenji went above and beyond to recommend us a lunch spot by taking us to a restaurant of our choosing. Overall, Kenji was a very good host to a very calm and relaxing experience.

E - (Airbnb)


I loved Kenji's food tour - meeting up with him and the other participants was straightforward, and he made sure we all introduced ourselves and got talking to each other. He walked us around, stopping to tell us bits about our surroundings, and then took us to a number of good food places. He explained how the pricing would work at the start, which I really appreciated. After a couple of us said we were probably too full for ramen, he asked if we'd like to just pay then and tap out, and I really appreciated both the suggestion, and how pleasant he was about it all. I had a really great time 🙂

B - (Airbnb)


Kenji is a very good tour guide. He really know Osaka very well. He’s nice, easy to talk to, and can speak decent English. He explains the different species and the different times that the cherry blossoms bloom and tries to get the best spots that aren’t super crowded to take pictures. At the end, he provides a nice picnic among the cherry blossoms with plenty of Japanese snacks and melon bread. We enjoyed his tour very much!

E - (Airbnb)


As an experienced mountaineer, Ken was an amazing leader for our Mt. Rokko hiking experience. He lead us on a challenging, but very fun and meaningful trek up to the highest peak of Mt. Rokko, and during the entire hike we had plenty of rest breaks with snacks and hot tea. We shared stories about our different cultures -- what it's like to be in a fraternity, how much taxes do people in Japan pay, housing costs, favorite foods, travel experiences from different countries, and so much more. And at the end of the long hike, we got a chance to bathe in an uncrowded, all-natural hot springs (both "gold" and "silver") in Arima, and then Ken took us to a soba noodle shop where I ate the freshest, chewiest, most delicious soba noodles meal of my life. My friend and I finished this experience wishing we could spend another day on the mountain. The next time I'm going to Japan, I'll definitely be hitting Ken up for a recommended experience.

A - (Airbnb)