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Local guides will take you to authentic Japan

Kyoto Experience

The best way to enjoy high-light of Kyoto.

Explore in center of “Geisha” culture.

Special high-end experience, even Japanese people dreaming.

Osaka Experience

This is Osaka’s authentic foodie experience.

Enjoy Dotonbori and Japanese food in local’s view!

Cherry blossom season only(Mid Mar – Mid Apr).

Try Osaka’s authentic food culture!

Enjoy water city Osaka & local food in unique way!

Refresh in rich green forest and big waterfall.


Kyoto Fushimi Hidden Route Hiking & Japanese Soba Noodle Lunch

Kenji was an informative professional Japanese guide and showed us a lots of special non touristic places.
You would know about Japanese life and culture more deeply, such as religions, customs, natures, historical foods and so on.
lf l didn’t join this tour, I’m sure l couldn’t enjoy Fusimi like this and I might be tired with crowded jam and long line.
Finally, we enjoyed really tasty soba “kithune” noodles which is including tour price and a special meal in Fusimi at traditional restaurant. It was authentic and relaxing atmosphere and we enjoyed chatting after good hiking.
I highly recommend this tour!
Thank you for everything, Kenji!

S.T (Facebook page)


Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

Kenji’s tour was a fantastic experience. Everything we ate was high quality, and a lot of it was not the typical style you might get at any restaurant.

The takoyaki was a good starter, with a little spice in the sauce. The sushi was delicious, and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere. The bar was full, so we took off our shoes and ate cross-legged in a cozy room upstairs. Our favorite place was the standing barbeque restaurant, where we tried some common cuts of meat like leg and shoulder and some less common parts like tongue and raw heart. We were feeling pretty satisfied already when we got to the ramen place. Rather than the standard pork broth, this restaurant served fish or chicken-based soups. It was excellent, with tender cuts of pork mixed in with the chewy noodles.

Kenji knew so much about the food and was great at answering all our questions. He led us through some cozy-looking back alleys packed with restaurants, and he pointed out some of his other favorites in the neighborhood in case we wanted to come back. He also was an attentive host, making sure we enjoyed our experiences, taking pictures, and being an all-around fun person to spend an evening with. I highly recommend Kenji’s food tour if you’re in Osaka.

S.F (Facebook page)


Cycle Around Kyoto Hidden Gems & Gion NightWalk

We (two adults and 14 year-old) arrived in Kyoto at 12 and started this tour at 2. It was and excellent start to our time here. Our host was Taka and he made us feel very welcome and was flexible and knowledgeable. It felt like having a local with good knowledge show us around and take us to areas that were beautiful and serene but also quite close. We learnt about the temples and shrines and enjoyed riding the paths and were able to ask about etiquette etc. the bikes were comfortable and easy to ride. At night we were shown down a few main streets to get a sense of things but avoided the really busy places. Overall I highly recommend as an introduction to Kyoto. Thanks Taka

S - (Airbnb)


Kyoto Gion Night Walk & Japanese whiskey bar

Kenji is a fantastic host and we enjoyed our tour around Kyoto with him. It was Cherry Blossom season and he took us to a great area where we got some great photos. We then toured Gion where we were lucky enough to see four Geisha. Kenji was a wealth of information and gave us a history lesson about the region which we all enjoyed. To end the night we learned about Japanese whiskey at a quaint bar. I would highly recommend this tour. You will not be disappointed.

R - (Airbnb)

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