Kenji provided the highlight of our trip for my daughter and I. Authentic, humorous, educational and engaged. Our appreciation and understanding of the Shinto religion increased dramatically. We never felt rushed and Kenji made it feel like it was the first and most important tour he has given. Deserve 6 stars!

— T (Airbnb)



Kenji was an informative professional Japanese guide and showed us a lots of special non touristic places.
You would know about Japanese life and culture more deeply, such as religions, customs, natures, historical foods and so on.
lf l didn’t join this tour, I’m sure l couldn’t enjoy Fusimi like this and I might be tired with crowded jam and long line.
Finally, we enjoyed really tasty soba “kithune” noodles which is including tour price and a special meal in Fusimi at traditional restaurant. It was authentic and relaxing atmosphere and we enjoyed chatting after good hiking.
I highly recommend this tour!
Thank you for everything, Kenji!

— S.T (Facebook page)


【Deep Osaka Night Life Eat & Drink】

Kenji’s tour was a fantastic experience. Everything we ate was high quality, and a lot of it was not the typical style you might get at any restaurant.

The takoyaki was a good starter, with a little spice in the sauce. The sushi was delicious, and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere. The bar was full, so we took off our shoes and ate cross-legged in a cozy room upstairs. Our favorite place was the standing barbeque restaurant, where we tried some common cuts of meat like leg and shoulder and some less common parts like tongue and raw heart. We were feeling pretty satisfied already when we got to the ramen place. Rather than the standard pork broth, this restaurant served fish or chicken-based soups. It was excellent, with tender cuts of pork mixed in with the chewy noodles.

Kenji knew so much about the food and was great at answering all our questions. He led us through some cozy-looking back alleys packed with restaurants, and he pointed out some of his other favorites in the neighborhood in case we wanted to come back. He also was an attentive host, making sure we enjoyed our experiences, taking pictures, and being an all-around fun person to spend an evening with. I highly recommend Kenji’s food tour if you’re in Osaka.

— S.F (Facebook page)



The whole experience was excellent from start to finish. It was our last day in Japan so we wanted to make it special by visiting one of the most famous spots in Japan. We went as a couple on Valentine’s Day and ended up being the only ones on the tour, so it inadvertently ended up like a private tour. Kenji is extremely knowledgeable of this area and guided the route with confidence and shared bits of information for each area we visited that we wouldn’t have known if we had gone on our own, and explained things very well. He also took us through the alternative route to the summit which was very quiet especially considering the time of day. It made great photo-taking opportunities and we could move at a pace of our choosing. Both Kenji and his colleague were happy to oblige with any photo taking requests, and we even managed to go and meet a torii gate maker and had a mini tour around his workshop. Kenji also had an excellent sense of humour which made us feel very comfortable talking to him. All in all, we had the best time and – despite the fact that neither of us are particularly fit – we made it to the top! Thanks for everything, Kenji, and we would recommend you to anyone looking for a tour!

— P (Airbnb)



Kenji was a great guide taking us through the streets of Gion and explaining the geisha culture and history. He is very knowledgeable, easy going, and accommodating. We just talked like friends learning about his background and how it’s like living in Japan. Kenji also leads hiking tours to Mt Inari and Mt Fuji (during summer) which we will try next time. Highly recommended, and do this tour on your first day in Kyoto! 

— C.W (Facebook page)



Why pay to go to Fushimi Inari with a tour guide? LET ME TELL YOU WHY. Kenji is VERY passionate about tours and every place he goes to. He knew so much that I would have NEVER thought about, and if you have any other questions, he can answer it and you gain so much from this trip besides just “pretty pictures”. You walk away with knowledge and an appreciation for this special place. Plus, he doesn’t take you through the heavily tourist-populated way to get to the top of Fushimi Inari, so you’re able to just breathe and take in the scenery. I also felt very comfortable around Kenji, since he’s easy to joke with (and Edgar, my other fellow tourist). Perhaps Kenji is also a good luck charm, because in my 4 day Kyoto trip, the sun was out only on the day I went on this experience. Also, did I mention Kenji is super nice? I was also being our personal, mini photographer whenever we asked for pictures and I thought that was funny, but I totally appreciated it!

— J (Airbnb)



Kenji is the man! We had the best day we could imagine on this tour. We booked a group tour but no one else signed up so it miraculously ended up just being the two of us with Kenji; very happy he did not cancel since it was only us. He carefully curated the trip with excellent descriptions and stories about what we saw. He showed us some of his favorite photo spots. He took us off the beaten path which was hiking up Mount Inari on a hidden back trail. We stopped for some souvenirs, tea, eggs, and then lunch. It was the most perfect day. Kenji was awesome and sad we didn’t end up booking his other tours while here!

— B.B (Facebook page)


Kenji-san was a very experienced guide. He was knowledgeable of the area and was very warm in welcoming his guests. We went to areas that are less frequented by tourists and at some point we were all alone along the bamboo forest. Would definitely booked kenji-san other tours also.

— A (Airbnb)


Excellent trip! Overall well-planned! Kenji is such a great guy and explained to us alot of Japan’s culture! We really enjoyed the trip and hope to see u soon Kenji! Goodluck!

— J.T (Facebook page)


I booked the Fushimi Inari tour for an influencer event held in Kyoto. Kenji was awesome to work with and was able to accommodate our large group of 22 people. To accommodate us, he arranged for a second guide and helped cut down the route to ensure we finished on-time (accounting for plenty of photo opportunities for the influencers, breaks, and providing interesting information on the areas we passed). The route he took us on was amazing – felt very hidden and we had most of the route to ourselves on top of being absolutely beautiful. The lunch place (soba restaurant) he took us afterwards was delicious and tasted great after the hike. I have heard lots of compliments on the hike from the attendees and would definitely book with Kenji again. Highly recommend this tour or any tour provided with Kenji for both small and large groups – you will be guaranteed to have a great time! Thanks for everything

— C.B (Facebook page)