Cycle around Kyoto’s hidden gems Gion night walk

Cycle around Kyoto’s hidden gems Gion night walk


6500Yen (65 USD) per person

4 Hours (15:00 to 19:00).


Rental Bike (3 Speed Gear Type.Electric Bicycle(1000 yen extra) & Large size bicycle(190cm over) are available. Pleas Inform us in advance.)                             ※Helmets are not required for bicyclists in Japan, so helmets are not provided for this ride.

Cold Japanese Green Tea (You can drink with Japanese snack at tea break on the river junction point)

Japanese Sweet (Mamemochi, Very famous and popular Japanese traditional Red Been Snack.)

Accompany of English speaking trekking guide

<Meetin Point>

Sankyoumeda bldg 7F, 15 Doyamacho, Kita, Osaka.


1 Bicycle Part

Lovely 3 speed gear bicycle take you to hi-light of deep spots Kyoto, very efficiently, feeling the wind and the air of Kyoto like a living people.

Begin with peaceful River side cycling road, feeling nature and open sky. Dropping hidden shrine and try exclusive natural spring water. We’ll go through the Emperor Palace and famous Zen-temple by bicyle. We’ll visit also two different type of Universitis, including the oldest wooden student dormitory. For the Unesco World Heritage, We’ll go Shimo-gamo Shrine and its primitive surrounding forest.
The Tea break with Japanese famous red bean snack on scenic River junction point is also programed.

2 Gion Walk Part

After Retuning Bicycle, We’ll start strolling beautiful entertainment area of Gion. We’ll go 3 main red-light areas including Ponto-cho and see amazingly photogenic street. This can be the hi-light of this area. If you are lucky, you may see beautiful Maiko “professional Japanese art entertainer”
Evening time is best for walking.

Kyoto is very flat and not a large city with well organized grid design, so it’s easy and fun to get around by bicycle.
After this cycling, probable you’ll feel Kyoto more familiar.

< Story >

I am a Japanese, living in Osaka. I’ve been a professional trekking tour guide for years, and has just started my own tour business.
When I was 18, I fell in love with Kyoto all at once after one visiting. Then I chose University in Kyoto and lived for 5 years.
My Kyoto student life was always with my lovely bicycle.
Bicycle is really necessary and best way to enjoy flat city of Kyoto.
(Kyoto has plenty of beautiful places, but with bus or train you need to change and take time)
I’ll take you to very local places via my favorite route. This is the hi-light of north-east part of Kyoto city.

< Preparation >

Please prepare staffs below.

Comfortable Clothing

Drinking Water (you can also buy everywhere during the tour)

Rainwear ( In case of raining can buy near the meeting point)

Empty Bottle (If you want, you can refill natural fresh water in the shrine)