Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

Regarding the whole Tenjinbashi entertainment area as one large cuisine dining, Enjoy exclusive Japanese food & drink with bar-hopping style.
This is the most luxury and efficient way to enjoy Osaka food culture.

Begin with Takoyaki (In Osaka must eat food, Octopus dumplings) as an appetizer, then taste Fresh Sushi at Sushi bar counter with Sake as the second, move to freak loved BBQ restaurant to taste juicy Wagyu-meat with local beer. We will end up with rich taste of chewy Japanese noodle ‘Ramen’ as the last (probably some you never eat before).

In total, we will visit 4 places.
Basically, at 1 place, 1 drink(except 1st & 4th) & 1- 2 food, then go next.
This is Osaka style and especially suit this area.
‘Eat and Die’ is famous word which mention about Osaka town.

Tenjinbashi, The Longest shopping street in Japan has different face in the night. Especially narrow side street has more interesting. I’ll show you around scenic Osaka night town. Without local navigator, Some place is difficult even for Japanese people to enter, though Osaka night is very kind for drinking people. So you’ll feel very comfortable after like a local.
I’ll try to direct unforgettable Osaka night life & food


15,000 yen / 1 person
(Up to 6 people)


19:00 – 22:00 (3 Hours)

Meeting Point

Exit No 8 of Tenjinbashisuji 6(roku)cyome station



Best food in 4 restaurants.
Takoyaki(Octopus Dumplings), Best Sushi, BBQ Meat, Ramen(Best Japanese noodle). Food consists of fish and meat.


2 drinks at 2 places.
Usually Sake & Beer are my recommendation, though you can order any drinks as your request. Extra drinks own your budged.


The maximum number is 4-6 because the Restaurant space is limited.

For vegetarian people, We can arrange some.

Non-alcoholic drinks are available on your request.

Private tour is available, please ask us.

Person under 20 years old can not drink alcohol.

Cancellation policy

7 days or more Full refund
3~6 days 20%
2~2 days 50%
0~1 days Non-refundable