Inside of Fushimi Inari – Exploring and lunch with Locals

Inside of Fushimi Inari
- Exploring and lunch with locals

Forge unforgettable moments at Fushimi Inari Shrine
with the spirit of exploration, connection, and locality.

This tour is scheduled to last 3.5 – 4 hours including breaks and lunch.


Regular Season:
9,000 JPY / 1Person
High Season:
11,000 JPY / 1 Person
– Children aged 7 and over are charged the same price as adults.

Time Slots

We provide two daily Slots:
  9:00 – hike and lunch – 13:00
  13:00 – lunch and hike – 17:00
Please check the calendar when making a reservation


Exploring the inside of Inari Shrine

Discover the quiet beauty of history by passing through the vermilion Torii Gates and ascending the sacred mountain. Find peace in the silence of the bamboo forest, away from the crowds. We’ll visit famous picture spots but they are a part of numerous topics! Explore Inari shrine, where the vibes speak louder than any picture.


Local viewpoint and time flow

 By the Kyoto locals, this place is nicknamed “Inari-san” like a person. We feel its sacredness and mutual affection between the place and us. Walk in the same relaxed manner just like visiting Inari-san herself, and you will find much to discover. For lunch, we will have traditional Inari Sushi and Soba noodles at a local diner.

Travel like life, Live like travel

Our guides will welcome you as fellow travel lovers. Ask us many questions about Kyoto and Japan – we are happy to share local topics. And please tell us about your home town and travel history for our potential next trip – we are living to travel this world.
We will also help you to communicate with the locals. 

Attracted by the depth and holiness of Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari, a sacred site for over 1000 years, remains a holy mountain where people climb. 15 years ago, I assisted in transporting torii gates and sacred sake to its mountain-top shrine. Fushimi Inari always felt mystical, purifying both mind and body.
However, my revisit 6 years ago revealed a transformation into a popular tourist spot. Most visitors flock to the famous Senbon Torii for photos, noting its beauty despite the crowds. Disappointed, I created the “Inside of Fushimi Inari – Exploring and Lunch with Locals” tour. After Senbon Torii, it immerses you in Fushimi Inari’s heart, engaging with locals preserving its culture. Despite 200 climbs, I find Fushimi Inari endlessly rejuvenating. Experience its essence, not just surface beauty, when you visit. Local soba noodles post-hike are truly delicious.

Fushimi Inari is a sacred mountain.
I used to carry torii gates and sacred sake to the summit shrine.
Since Fushimi Inari has become a popular tourist destination, many visitors only go to the famous Senbon Torii for photos.
They often commented “beautiful but crowded”. I found this situation regrettable, so I created this tour.
After visiting the Senbon Torii, we will enter the sacred depths of Fushimi Inari, interacting with locals who sustain its culture. Let’s enjoy not only its photographic beauty but also experience its true essence.

Visitors' comments!

This hike was a perfect blend of physical activity and breathtaking sightseeing. Our host was very kind and knowledgeable. It was great having an insider to help me discover the magic of Kyoto.
the U.S.A.

▼

During our journey, we had the opportunity to visit various captivating sites, including a serene bamboo farm, two beautifully constructed private shrines created by the locals, and a workshop dedicated to the art of dorimon. To reach the peak, there was a 15-minute uphill hike, but we were able to proceed at our own pace and take breaks whenever needed. Kyo, our guide, was incredibly attentive, ensuring the comfort of everyone in the group. He thoughtfully provided fans and mosquito repellent and offered valuable suggestions for the most picturesque photo spots. Along the way, he introduced us to diverse rituals, such as making wishes at different temples and performing cleansing rituals for our offerings. Additionally, our itinerary included two refreshing tea breaks and a delightful lunch.
(S.N. China)

This was a fantastic hike with great guides that were knowledgeable and able to give a unique experience at the Fushimi Inari shrine. We took a side route up the mountain that allowed us to avoid the crowds and learn about the Inari mythology as well to visit several other less-visited shrines before coming back down the main path. The guides were super knowledgable, spoke excellent English, and were very accommodating. The soba lunch at the end of the trip was delicious and I ended up bringing the rest of my group to the restaurant later that afternoon. In terms of hiking I would call it easy/moderate. There is a short portion that is a switchback staircase but it only lasts a few minutes and, because the back trail is rarely used, there are plenty of places to rest if needed. I would happily go on another tour with this company!
(J.W. the U.S.A)

Our family of 4 (including 2 teenagers) booked a private tour and were fortunate to be guided by Kenji himself. He thoughtfully guided us through multiple (including non-touristy) trails within Fushimi Inari. We really enjoyed the splendor and spirituality of the entire shrine and not simply the crowded IG portions. Perhaps the best part of our hike was meeting an artisan who built the torii gates and two friendly couples who manned the shops along the trails. We were welcomed as Kenji’s friends rather than his tour group. The lunch at the end was excellent as well, above the din of crowded places below. Highly recommend this excursion—what a great way to spend a morning!
(D.H. the U.S.A.)

Schedule & Details

Meeting & Dismissing

In front of JR INARI Station exit. 
The guide will be by the huge stone pillar.  
We’ll come back to the same place after the tour.

Food and Snack

Lunch: Soba Noodles and Tofu Sushi (Inari Sushi)
For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, we also have options. Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten-free etc.

Snack: Tea & boiled egg 
You can enjoy Japanese hot tea and a boiled egg with salt in the scenic mountain hut for tea break. Options available.

Cancellation Fees​

7 days or more Full refund
3~6 days 20%
5~2 days 50%
0~1 days Non-refundable

Payment Method

You can pay with the following credit cards.

FAQ & Regulations

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Yes, treatment is divided by age. Children over 7 years old can participate equally as adults.
For children under 6 years old, please see “Regulations”.

Total walking time is approximately 3.5 hours including breaks. The guide will adjust the pace of the walk.
The last 20 minutes to the summit are mainly stairs and are always in very good condition.
The descent is down stairs, with a break every 20 minutes. Thus, all who can walk for 3-4 hours, including the 20 minutes of stairs, are welcome to join this tour.
If you are interested in the walking course, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, you can choose. The restaurants we usually use can accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc. For example, you can eat egg and rice bowl, egg and rice bowl, vegetable sushi, etc. For example, you can have egg and rice bowl, vegetable sushi, etc.
It would be very helpful if you let us know at the time of reservation!

The event will be held even if it rains. On rainy days, there are fewer people, it is quieter, and the orange torii gate shining in the wet is beautiful! Please come prepared with umbrellas and rain gear.

Tour will be canceled in case of an alarm or when public transportation is stopped.