Virtual Mt Fuji Climbing

Embark on JIN's 2024 Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour! Bookings open January 15th.

Mt Fuji guide will bring you to Virtual Mt Fuji climbing experience as an Mt Fuji Specialist.


1600yen / person

Meeting Point

Log in to the Zoom room, there is a meeting point of Mt Fuji tour. Begin with a greeting and every participant’s’ self-introduction, we became a “Team” to Climb together.


Take a bus toward Mt Fuji 5th station. On the way, I’ll explain the concept of the virtual tour, our passion & mission, and How to fully enjoy this virtual tour, etc.

After arriving at the 5th station, We share the screen of Mt Fuji photos which we took in these 2 years. I also show you this year’s special 5th station photos and explain real present Mt Fuji.

On the first day, We climb from the 5th station to the 8th station for 4 hours (10min=virtual). You’ll see diverse alpine plants and dynamic Mt Fuji views.

Stay over at the Mt hut, Then we start night climb heading to the summit. You can experience a hard climbing in the dark and unforgettable view of gradually getting brighter sky. Even though this is “Virtual”, When you reach the summit, You’ll be touched and see marvelous sunrise.

We’ll go the crater trekking via the highest point and see another world like view, which is normally difficult to do.

In the end, straight climb down to the 5th station.

Taking advantage of “Virtual”, I’ll show you a ​rare scene​ like “Shadow Fuji” and “Snowing summit” and views of different weathers.

Cancellation policy

7 days or more Full refund
3~6 days 20%
2~2 days 50%
0~1 days Non-refundable