Hidden Dotonbori Night Tour Eat & Drink with Local

Hidden Dotonbori Night Tour Eat & Drink with Local



2,000Yen per person

2Hours 30min (19:00 to 21:30).


<Meetin Point>

Meet up at a Hostel lounge located in central Dotonbori area.

Hostel Name : Hostel enisia namba



Local guide will show you around Authentic Osaka night life and food culture in local’s view.

【Walking Part】
Walk into beautiful temple area and street. This is kind a pocket place in busy area.
Going through mail street, which is exhibition of famous food restaurant, enjoy refreshing view of the river and Osaka’s night life scenery.

【Eat & Drink Part】
On the way, we will drop in some hidden spots, which usually only local go. Interestingly, located in same Dotonbori area, touristic restaurant is limited. I will explain each food history and good point with local’s view.

1: Takoyaki
We will eat Osaka’s most famous must eat food “Takoyaki” (octopus dumpling) in my favorite place. Osaka’s Takoyaki quality is BEST.

2: Sushi
Let’s eat small portion of very yummy melting fresh Sushi at exclusive restaurant.
This is very local place.

3: Kushikatsu (Deep fried skewered)
This is another Osaka’s soul food. Second must eat food.
We will go to local hanging out Kushikatsu drinking restaurant and enjoy osaka night life with drinks.

4: Ramen
Finish with my favorite Osaka Ramen. Dotonbori is ramen competitive area.




Takoyaki (Octopus dumpling) : This is appetizer. I will take you to my favorite place.

Accompany of English speaking Local guide

You need to have cash for foods and drinks which would normally be around JPY3,000 for your tour at restaurants.



< Story >

I’m a Food loving Japanese (also a professional guide), living in osaka with my family.
Osaka Dotonbori area is very attractive but kind a “touristic” area now. But If you come into side street, you can find bit silent and local people hanging out area. I’d like to take you Authentic Deep Osaka spot and it’s food culture as “Food capital city Osaka”.

I am fascinated in searching yummy food restaurant in this area for long years.
I’ll take you to very hidden deep spots which provide fantastic food. They are not 5-stars Hotel or Michelin Restaurant, but food quality is top for sure in “B-class Food category” and it’s a “Soul” of Osaka city


< Preparation >

Please prepare staff below.

Opened heart and empty stomack to enjoy Osaka night life.