Hiking along Osaka’s Maple Road and foot spa

Hiking along Osaka’s Maple Road and foot spa


6000 Yen (50 USD) per person

3 Hours (14:30 to 17:30).


1 Food at food stands
You can get 1 Food at the waterfall food stands
1 Drink at food stands
You can get 1 Drink at the waterfall food stands. Including alcohol, many kind of cold and hot drinks are available.
Foot Spring

Accompany of English speaking trekking guide

<Meetin Point>

Sankyoumeda bldg 7F, 15 Doyamacho, Kita, Osaka.


Just 30 mins Train from Osaka station, You will be in completely nature world with mountain and beautiful maple forest. Mino is really my favorite place for refreshment. Air is clear, time flew slower than town. You can enjoy peaceful walking along scenic river. In spring with splendid cherry blossom, In May, June with vivid new green, In Summer you may see children playing at the river, In Autumn with colored foliage. Even in winter time you can enjoy perfectly clear air.

On the way, you can see several beautiful shrines, photogenic bridges, some hidden path where I usually stop by. Every single places are so refreshing and makes you relaxed. Especially thousand of Maple tree area is something special. If you need, I can teach good way of walking in mountain area and be able to give nature guidance as a mountain guide. Our walking goal is Giant(33m) waterfall. We can enjoy the view, drinking or eating some snack, which you can buy at food stands. We will come back along little bit deferent way. In the end, we can enjoy foot spring and makes you refreshed.

< Story >

Mino Maple road is so amazing, especially in new green season (May, June) and Foliage season (Nov, Dec). After Hiking, you will be refreshed by splashing waterfall. Foot spring is best way to cool down your tired body. Japan has many beautiful mountain with deep forest and rich nature. To me, hiking is one of the best way to enjoy it. I hope to share my expernce and make your staying much fruitful.

< Reminding >

The tour will be operated in a raining day also, except very heavy rain like a typhoon coming. Actually it is not bad in raining day and sometimes you can enjoy more beauty without many people.

< Preparation >

Towel for foot spring.

Walking shoes.