Rokko Forest Hiking & Arima Hotspring

  • Rokko forest hiking


140USD (14000JPY ) / Person

11 Hours


<Meeting Point>

Umeda-Hankyu Station(In front of Bigman-screen)


 Medium Level Hiking



08:00 Meeting at Umeda-Hankyu St.

(In front of Bigman-screen)


Ashiyagawa Station






Hankyu train to Ashiyagawa St

Start walking up through Ashiya town which well-known as rich-residential area until entrance of trekking route.

Stating point of trekking


Enjoy trekking(5-6Hour, 12km)

Begin with forest road and enjoy koza-waterfall. Then continue to walk via, “Rock-garden” , “wind-penetrating Rock”   and forest route to the highest point of Rokko Mt(931m).

Then descending down to Arima Hotspring.






Enjoy relaxing soak

Go to uncommon traditional scenic hot spring and take bath.

※Strolling town with a guide is possible with \1000 deduction.

Arima town 16:05






Storing Arima Town and Drink

You can buy some souvenir or something to eat in flourishing and touristic street of Arima.

Then move to Open-air bar, drink and eat some snack. Japanese traditional noodle Soba is available as an opiton,

Arima Bus St


Umdeda St




Go back to Umeda station


Thank you for Join US.

<Rokko Hiking>


  • Arima-hotspring Shrine

This is my most favorite trekking course in Kansai area. Crossing over Rokko Mountain range to Arima hotspring is very dynamic and exciting way, because normally people go to Arima by bus or train(sometimes rope-way).

You begin from south part of Rokko Mt and start climbing to the north with setonai-sea in backside, and then passing by highest point, walk down to the other part of the mountain, where scenic Hotspring town of Arima is located. If weather is clear you will see panorama view of Osaka town and sea from the top. Approaching Arima by your own foot makes you touched for sure.

Many of my friends and guests are so impressed with this route actually, who went Arima by bus or train before. Rokko Mt is very huge with many local trekking course without any english sign, though I well know about this mountain area and how to enjoy it.

<Arima Hotspring>

Arima hotspring is one of the three oldest hotspring in Japan, which already exist at 631 known as the emperor stayed for 3 months on that time. I have been there for plenty of time, with my family, friends, guest because its scenic atmosphere is very attractive and its spiring quality is very special.