Our Four most important things

Travel like life, Live like travel.

We value four things to ensure that our guests enjoy their trip safely.


TEAM JIN’s top priority is safety. We build trust with guests through initial online meetings and provide support tailored to their needs. Experienced guides aim for a high success rate by providing valuable advice.

Guests' Journeys

TEAM JIN treasures guests’ journeys. Each guide loves to travel and adheres to the motto “Travel like life, Live like travel.” We do our best to ensure that climbing Mt. Fuji is a good memory for our guests.

The allure of Mt. Fuji

TEAM JIN shares the allure of Mt. Fuji. We guides, who are captivated by the mountain, explain not only climbing but also faith, history, art, plants, geology, and other interesting aspects to make the climb enjoyable and entertaining.


TEAM JIN is passionate about Mt. Fuji. The guides are officially certified by the Fujiyoshida City as having more than ten years and over 100 climbs of experience. We never tire of Mt. Fuji and continue to deepen our relationships with the mountain, inspiring each other daily. Mt. Fuji is a part of our lives.

Guide Profiles


JIN, the representative, worked at a travel agency and guided people through over 50 countries before becoming independent. Since 2004, Mount Fuji official guide.


He has been a member of the exploration club since his student days, delving deep into travel and local culture. After flying as a pilot, he became an English guide. Mt. Fuji official guide since 2014.


He loves Sagrada Familia in Spain and leads a dual life between Barcelona and Japan. Recently he published a photo book “Fugaku Zero Kei”. Mt. Fuji official guide since 2013.

Our network

We are active in various networks in Mt. Fuji climbing.