Our Four most important values


Our Four most important values

Travel like life, Live like travel.

We cherish four values to ensure that our guests enjoy their trip safely.



TEAM JIN’s top priority is safety. We build trust with guests through initial online meetings and provide support tailored to their needs. Experienced guides aim for a high success rate by providing valuable advice. Our guides are certified in wilderness first aid, and carry a first aid kit, oxygen gas, and emergency radios.



TEAM JIN treasures guests’ journeys. Each guide loves to travel and adheres to the motto “Travel like life, Live like travel.” We guide our guests as we would host friends. We strive to approach every situation with an open mind and make ourselves available to assist guests with a customer-centric culture.



TEAM JIN aims to create sustainable tours by sharing the allure of Mt.Fuji. We guide, those who are captivated by the mountain, and explain not only climbing but also faith, history, art, plants, geology, and other interesting aspects to make the climb enjoyable and entertaining as bearers of its historical legacy for generations to come.



TEAM JIN is passionate about Mt. Fuji. The guides are officially certified by the Fujiyoshida City as having more than ten years and over 100 climbs of experience. We never tire of Mt. Fuji and continue to deepen our relationships with the mountain, inspiring each other daily. Mt. Fuji is a part of our lives.

Guide Profiles

Kenji Fujimoto

I’m Kenji, founder of JIN, a travel company offering English tours for Mount Fuji climbing. With eight years of experience at three travel agencies, I explored many world trekkings such as Nepal, Pakistan, and Mt Kilimanjaro, and I launched JIN in 2018. My journey began as a Mount Fuji guide during my five-year university experience. Despite scaling the same route over 100 times, the mountain never ceases to captivate me. Each climb offers unique weather, scenery, and interactions with clients, fostering personal growth and evolving perspectives. Mount Fuji has become more than a career; it’s a lifelong pursuit. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my journey with my “spiritual home” Mount Fuji, through my work. Another dream of mine is to climb Mount Fuji one day with my two little kids.

Ko Yamashita

Around the age of 10, I first climbed Mount Fuji during a Boy Scout activity. I still remember the fun of staying in the mountain hut, the deliciousness of the noodles I ate at the summit, and the headache from altitude sickness. In college, I began to work on Mount Fuji. Life atop the mountain is both very simple and tough, but I grew to love it. The mountain environment reminds me that I, too, am an animal. While studying cultural anthropology, I joined the exploration club and delved into the creases of the world (the deserts of Namibia and cinemas in India left a particularly deep impression!). Later, I pursued training to become an airplane pilot but realized it wasn’t for me. I prefer the shade of a tree in summer to the cockpit, and the wind caressing my cheeks feels much better than looking at a speedometer. Now, I regularly lead overseas mountaineering tours (to Nepal, Kilimanjaro, etc.) and work as a tour guide in Japan. Mount Fuji, the starting point of my career, is my spiritual home. I feel that being a guide, able to directly engage with the “here and now” of travel, and able to support irreplaceable moments for our guests, is my true calling.

Daiki Nishikawa

The first time I climbed Mt. Fuji was at the age of 8. I  remember that I suffered from altitude sickness and reached the summit in a daze. When I started working as a mountain guide at Mt. Fuji during my university days, I had a moment that I will never forget. It was the encouragement I received from the owner of the Yoshida Route 8th station Taishikan hut. He told us  “Grow up and mature on this mountain”. Working as a mountain guide, I was nurtured both physically and mentally at Mt. Fuji. In this mind,  I am delighted to climb Mt. Fuji with our guests from all over the world and the Mt. Fuji photo book project with my colleagues is a part of my outcome.

Mt. Fuji Photo Gallery by Daiki Nishikawa

Mt. Fuji Photo Gallery
by Daiki Nishikawa

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