Rokko primary review

As an experienced mountaineer, Ken was an amazing leader for our Mt. Rokko hiking experience. He lead us on a challenging, but very fun and meaningful trek up to the highest peak of Mt. Rokko, and during the entire hike we had plenty of rest breaks with snacks and hot tea. We shared stories about our different cultures — what it’s like to be in a fraternity, how much taxes do people in Japan pay, housing costs, favorite foods, travel experiences from different countries, and so much more. And at the end of the long hike, we got a chance to bathe in an uncrowded, all-natural hot springs (both “gold” and “silver”) in Arima, and then Ken took us to a soba noodle shop where I ate the freshest, chewiest, most delicious soba noodles meal of my life. My friend and I finished this experience wishing we could spend another day on the mountain. The next time I’m going to Japan, I’ll definitely be hitting Ken up for a recommended experience.