Secrets of Japanese Whiskey

This is virtual drinking session of Japanese whiskey. I share a secret of Japanese Whiskey and tips to enjoy it which I learned from inside of Yamazaki Distillery and whiskey bars in Kyoto.


1600yen / person


You’ll be surprised how dedicated Japanese whiskey is and its complicated process.

Of course you can just enjoy drinking whiskey.
But, if you know its background, your whiskey life will be more meaningful.
Whiskey is one of the most mysterious alcohol.

I’ll explain basic knowledge of whiskey and its process.
Then, focus on unique point of Japanese whiskey.
I’ve prepare several quizzes about whiskey, so you can proof and show how much you love whiskey.

In drinking session, we can begin with noseing in proper way.
Then, “Word” is important.
Brenders also use their own “word” to express whiskey’s taste and smell.
Let’s exchange everybody’s whiskey by your “word”.
If you have Japanese whiskey, it’s highly welcomed, but also your country’s whiskey is very welcomed.
I’d like to know how is your whiskey and how you enjoy it.
As our culture, I’ll teach how to enjoy “Highball”(whiskey with soda)

Now people couldn’t go drinking easily because of self-isolation.
In Japan, we started “Online Drinking Party” and it’s actually very cool.
And this is also how we enjoy and worship whiskey.

Sometimes, Japanese local whiskey lover will join this session.

“Stay Home & Drink Together”

Cancellation policy

7 days or more Full refund
3~6 days 20%
2~2 days 50%
0~1 days Non-refundable