Why pay to go to Fushimi Inari with a tour guide? LET ME TELL YOU WHY. Kenji is VERY passionate about tours and every place he goes to. He knew so much that I would have NEVER thought about, and if you have any other questions, he can answer it and you gain so much from this trip besides just “pretty pictures”. You walk away with knowledge and an appreciation for this special place. Plus, he doesn’t take you through the heavily tourist-populated way to get to the top of Fushimi Inari, so you’re able to just breathe and take in the scenery. I also felt very comfortable around Kenji, since he’s easy to joke with (and Edgar, my other fellow tourist). Perhaps Kenji is also a good luck charm, because in my 4 day Kyoto trip, the sun was out only on the day I went on this experience. Also, did I mention Kenji is super nice? I was also being our personal, mini photographer whenever we asked for pictures and I thought that was funny, but I totally appreciated it!